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Toyota Yaris Hybrid: Green partner on the road

Environment-conscious technology, practicality, comfort

What is the new Yaris hybrid?
Stylish look, elegant lines, comfortable spacious interior, character-like exterior, customized design.
The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid offers a pleasant, harmonious driving experience.

hybrid car hire - toyota yaris economy car

Do not refuel for more if half is enough!

Quiet, low power extras are well-equipped with modern technology. The Hybrid engine's performance delivers a dynamic, yet economical ride everywhere. Low consumption of 3.1 lit. / 100km can be maintained both within the city and in the long way run.

urban hybrid small car rental

Comfortable seating and useful storage options make this compact compact car practical in the cabin.

Rent a safe, economy & cheap car above all!

In a busy metropolitan area, the new security system, which includes a pre-impact safety and lane departure warning system, is very easy to transport and parking. Optimal light conditions thanks to the Automatic Lightning System, which makes night driving enjoyable.

toyota yaris is safe and thrifty

Get to know our youthful, dynamic and new hybrid rental car!

An easy-to-use multimedia system that is conveniently controlled on the steering wheel-mounted operator interface. An up-to-date security system offers a relaxed ride. Swift, rolling, trustworthy, enviable companion on the road.

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